Single Color Foils
Full head, one color highlights.
Multi Color Foils / Balayage
Full head, two to three colors, for a natural look.
Color & Foils
Solid color, plus two colors in foils, for a beautiful finish.
Partial Foils
Style is not included. Minimum of three foils.
per foil
Single Process Solid Color
One step color application of semi-permanent or permanent color.
Blonde n’ Blonder
Two step color application, to lighten and tone.
Funky Color
Semi-permanent bright colors that last 3 to 4 weeks and applied on pre-lightened hair.
Color Correction
Consultation required.


(Prices Based on Short Hair)

Single Color Foils$60-$100
Multi Color Foils$80-$120
Color & Foils$80-$120
Cap Highlights$49
Single Process Solid Color$49
Color Correction$70-$190
Blonde N’ Blonder
Lighten and tone.
Quick Blender
10 minute semi-permanent color, to naturally blend in hair with up to 50% grey.
Funky Color$85-$140

Prices do not include GST and are subject to change without notice. Some exceptions may apply.

Price range depends on length, thickness, type of cut, or if a style is desired.